about belle foi spa

Charmaine Ashmore, who through her personal faith, tenacity and love for serving people in a way that they are renewed in body, soul and mind, is the mind and heart behind Belle Foi. Charmaine’s journey through various wellness and pharmaceutical positions led her to start her own spa at home several years back which has grown into the Belle Foi Spa at Pont de Val as we know it today.
The joy it brings her to see people renewed started way back when she was a young girl and her father would come home from 12 hour shifts on his feet. He would rest while Charmaine and her brother massaged his feet. She recalls the contentment she felt at seeing him regain energy as the stress and pain melted away. These deeply instilled memories drives her passion today, and Belle Foi Spa (translated from French: Beauty by Faith) is for her and her team a sanctuary of renewal.
Belle Foi Spa not only offers classic therapies and treatments, but explores the healing properties of the grape vine as something that sets the spa apart from other wellness venues. The natural components taken from Pont de Val’s vineyards combined with the science of TheraVine are brought together to offer a unique set of treatments in a timeless space.
Escape from the pressures of daily life, make time for yourself and experience our world of extra-sensory journeys using Vinotherapy Theravine products. Carefully developed by a specialised team using extensive clinical and scientific studies, the TheraVine™ range boasts the indigenous Pinotage cultivar grape seeds, grape skins & grapevine leaves to which internationally acclaimed active ingredients, powerful antioxidant ingredients and organically grown indigenous botanicals have been added.
Each ritual has been expertly woven to relieve stress and recharge, purify and detoxify, firm, and rejuvenate while delicate aromas will transport you into a place of complete serenity. While aromas and indulgent textures provide for a multi – sensory experience, each treatment expertly crafted for your ultimate satisfaction and ultimate relaxation experience.